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English Subject Knowledge Exchange; A Proposition.

IMG_5387In this uncertain world of recruitment crises, funding struggles, goalpost-changing new specifications and ever increasing workloads, it is hard for us to grow as readers and find time for us to develop expertise in our subjects. Most departments are working hard to welcome a larger number of non-subject specialists and a higher proportion of trainees, and this creates a huge need for CPD which is almost impossible to fulfill within one school alone.

How can we upskill ourselves in this high pressure climate, with no money and no time?!

I propose that we take control of our own futures and establish a subject knowledge exchange. EVERYONE has something they are good at. If we had a local database of people in schools near us who could offer a seminar on a topic, no matter how niche and unusual, we could have a series of knowledge swaps and create HIGH QUALITY CPD FOR FREE!!!

Example: I would happily offer a 1 hour seminar on Anglo-Saxon heroic literature to ANYONE who wants it. I am looking for someone who can support my department by offering a seminar on conventions of 20th Century drama.

This is in the initial stages of development. I am open to suggestions about how this could work! If you’re interested in being involved (even if it’s just that you know your department might want some subject knowledge support but you’re not sure what you could offer), please could you pop your details in the comments below or tweet me @funkypedagogy


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